I'm Artyom,
a product designer
living and working
in Amsterdam

I am a passionate and audacious product designer dedicated to designing inspiring digital solutions. I specialize in mobile and web, and engage throughout all stages of the product life cycle. By integrating with the product team I take ownership of the design process and deliver elegant, yet practical solutions. My programming skills enable me to understand products on a technical level and maximize the quality of my deliverables from concept through design, prototyping, shipping, and beyond.  Having worked extensively with both startups and corporates, I am able to operate and deliver on any scale. I thrive in a fast-paced environment, enjoy working on products that push the boundaries of tech, and believe that the best result comes from a combination of bold ideas, hard work, and effective communication.



User Interface

User Experience

  • Concept
    Every project starts with an idea. By gaining a thorough understanding of the product and user, I create a roadmap specifying key requirements around design, user experience, strategy.
  • Strategy
    Choosing the right deployment approach is critical to the success of any product. By identifying and translating your goals I help formulate a product strategy that attracts new users and converts existing ones.
  • User Interface
    At the core of every great digital product is a powerful user interface. I pay meticulous attention to creating smooth yet deliberate user flows by designing interfaces that are coherent, intuitive, and easy-to-use.
  • User Experience
    Great user experience comes from more than just pretty pixels. I carefully balance functionality and aesthetics to ensure that a product satisfies user needs, and that it does so in a beautiful manner.

What Clients Say

“Artyom was able to quickly integrate with our team and deliver a high quality design …”

Joe Venture, CEO AlphaPoint

“… really digs in and spends the extra time trying to understand what you are trying to communicate and why …”

Rich Scudellari, Co-Founder Trove

“… Hire Artyom if you want the job done right the first time.”

Matthias Grønnebæk, CEO Braveno

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